Estimating Paint

Estimating the Required Paint Amount

After you determine the type of paint to use on your project, the best gloss level to use, and the color scheme you want to achieve, you will need to estimate the amount of paint you should buy. We can help you with this at any of our three Abbott Paint & Carpet stores, or you can try estimating on your own using this handy Paint Estimating Calculator from our friends at Benjamin Moore.

Paint Estimating Calculator


One Final Tip

It is always better to buy a little more paint than you think you will need, rather than running out before the job is done. Keep in mind the color of your paint; clean clear colors will require multiple coats (particularly reds and yellows), plan to use a specially colored primer for these low hiding colors. Purchasing all your paint at once will help ensure can-to-can color consistency and save time on trips to the store. If you have leftover paint, you can always use it for touch-ups.

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