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What is a Home Improvement Store? Well it’s not a hardware store, whether small or ginormous.  A home improvement store is a business that serves you in improving, or renovating, the look, feel and functionality of your home.

Abbott Paint and Carpet has served has the neighborhood home improvement store in St. Paul for over 70 years. We have experts that have worked at Abbott for an average of 10 years and some for 20 years. We specialize in KNOWING all about paint, carpet, flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. We are a retail store and we sell these things, but we SPECIALIZE in knowing everything about these items to serve you the very best we can.

Think about it, improving or renovating your space with the perfect color hues, textures and combinations that expresses your personal style while being pleasing to the person walking in, can be a huge challenge.

You may know exactly what you like or you may know it when you see it, either way that is highly important to your project. What is also very important is how to put all those things together in the perfect way to accomplish your ultimate desired look and feel… this is no easy task. Having an expert on your team makes all the difference.

This is what everyone at Abbott does for you, we only hire experts, and we help you turn your dream home into a reality by giving it your perfect aesthetic look and feel. And with the large selection of products, we will help you customize a personalized, tailored outcome to your taste and lifestyle.

Whether it’s your first time and will embark on your first project as a painter, a DIYer or an experienced painter or professional contractor, you surely won’t be getting just another ordinary can of paint. With Abbott Paint, you will receive genuine helping hands in our personalized service that’s executed with honesty and excellence. Our 70 years in business makes us reliable and knowledgeable in decorating, designing, paint, stain and, window and floor covering projects, while we are committed to fair competitive prices. Our outstanding designers also provide In-Store or At-Home Color Consultation and measuring for flooring and/or window treatments is always free.

After you work with Abbott, you will end up with nothing short of a beautiful home that will be envied by friends and relatives. Best of all, a home that will be appreciated most by you, because it’s what you worked hard for and definitely what you and your family deserve.

Abbott Paint, Your Neighborhood St. Paul Home Improvement Partner and worth the short 15 minute drive from Minneapolis! (depending on where you are coming from)

Abbott Paint & Carpet Sales-St Paul, Stillwater, White Bear Lake-vinyl flooring sale