Painting Tips

Before You Begin


Painting is often the most cost-effective way to completely transform your living space. However, to do the job right, it is important to understand everything about the project before you begin.

Surface Prep

surface prep

It is tempting to start painting without properly preparing the surface, but this can be a big mistake. Shortcuts on surface preparation can cause even the highest quality paints to fail prematurely.

Primer & Sealers

Primers and Sealers

It is often recommended to use a primer or sealer before applying your paint. While these products may not hide like a topcoat of paint, they perform several valuable functions.

Finish Coats

Red paint on brush

Now that you’ve carefully planned your painting project and completed the necessary surface preparation, its time to paint. A new coat of paint will add freshness and style to any project.[/one_half_last]



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