Primers & Sealers

When to Use a Primer or Sealer

brush and primer

Primers are not always necessary, but they do ensure a longer lasting and more uniform top coat. There are instances where you should use a prime / base coat before applying your finish coat.

Types of Primers & Sealers


As with paints, there are two broad classifications of primers and sealers: latex or water-based products; and oil-based or alkyd products. Learn the important differences between them.

Interior Primers

Interior Primer

Most interior primers are designed for very specific applications. Depending on the formulation, they can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Regardless of specific product attributes, primers always enhance the adhesion of the top coat to the surface below.

Exterior Primers

Exterior Primer

Exterior substrates are exposed to extreme weather conditions and temperature changes. The right exterior primer will increase the durability and overall appearance of exterior top coats. Different exterior substrates require different exterior primers.



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